Monday, August 12, 2002

this thing keeps giving me errors after i've been logged in for a while. i'll type away on a post, leave it for a bit (work has a habit of interfering...) come back, go to post/publish and be greeted by a "http 500 - internal server error" message. rather annoying, what. especially since it means i lose whatever i've typed and not yet posted.

backups. backups. backups.

i mean. save. save. save.

- - - - -

the credits keep rolling... got a late email from neece[1], complete with my name in lights, so to speak. she was going to bake me a cake, but apparently it wasn't of sufficiently high quality to be fed to people other than her parents!

she recently helped bring me my birthday present to myself - a canon powershot digital ixus 330. i think i'm mostly sufficiently comfortable with the manual settings on this baby... this from a life-long point-and-shooter. if you're into this sort of thing, here's a rather detailed review of the camera.

[1] this is the "local" neece; i know another neece who lives in a different country. both neece's are from the same country. useless piece of trivia for the day? :]

- - - - -

gave away my free movie ticket...

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