Friday, August 30, 2002

watched 'serendipity' the other night, then again later with the director's commentary (on dvd). it was the first time i'd watched a whole movie with director's commentary, and i'd have to say that (in this particular instance anyway) it was a rather enriching experience. it was nice to be able to appreciate (after being told, because i'm too dumb of a viewer to pick up most of the nuances!) the little subtle, background, peripheral stuff. and also to gain some insight into the actual film-making process.

then again, i'm a bit of a sucker for romantic comedies, so that could explain why i particularly enjoyed this one :p having said that, i don't necessarily agree with all of the morals, ethics and beliefs portrayed in the movie (and perhaps typical of movies like this)... so it's a balancing act between having to remind myself of the disparity between the world of movies and the world of real life, and trying to enjoy the movie for what it is - make-believe, fantastical, idealised, entertainment :)

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