Thursday, August 12, 2004


posting a photo cos i can... and it's so easy :p

this shot was taken about a month ago to commemorate a mammoth effort of burning bonanza. 3 months in the making (mostly because i didn't have time!), the photo shows my output of 103 burned CDs - thanks in large part to a CD copying tower i borrowed which sped things up significantly once i made my master copies. i even went to the effort of making professional looking labels! but they're quite fiddly... sure beats writing it all out by hand though!

don't worry, i didn't infringe any copyright laws... the CDs were produced from recordings i made of the talks from our church camp in april. this was before i had my jukebox, so it was a time consuming process of real time recording of the source on MD, real time analog transfer to a PC, and subsequent editing. not that the jukebox had replaced my MD recorder yet - i've not been satisfied with the input levels on the unit so am sticking with my MD as my primary recorder for the time being. but at least i can use the jukebox to record stuff from the MD and transfer the wav file to my PC digitally. it might be an extra step but it frees up my PC from being tied up with focussing on sound recording.

will get the chance to road test both MD and jukebox recording this weekend at the BLT conference. then i can compare the results and see how i can best use the jukebox. more work to add to my pile! hrm...

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