Wednesday, August 18, 2004

grey clouds

feeling a sudden onset of emotions, i scurry to the bathroom.
hands on my face as i cry, i hear the drop of tears on the sink.
boy the tears must really be flowing!

roused by the vibrating phone, i fumble in my pocket to retrieve.
composing my breath to answer, i take the short call and realise:
it's the tap that's been doing the dripping!

the capacity to find humour amidst sorrow - is that a good sign?!

- - - - -

yes i do value correct spelling served with goodly portions of useful punctuation. however i shall retain the prerogative to blog in lower case and flout grammatical rules/conventions at my fancy. you can eat my blog or leave, a blog which btw is now decked out with the blogger navbar in signature blogger blue. the search function doesn't seem to be working... yet?

- - - - -

more on the (anti)-phishing front. good resource, but am rather doubtful they'll ever achieve their motto. there are simply too many ignorant people in the world for that to happen.

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