Monday, August 23, 2004

shopping spree

in the last week or so, i have spent

  • $1100 for plane tickets to singapore
  • ~$570 for a new axim x30 with 2 years complete care cover - i can drop it or wet it to my heart's content (i mean accidentally, of course!), but no losing it or having it stolen :o
  • ~$35 for a utili-key and micro-tech tool set. ever since losing my nifty eyeglass screwdriver tool last month (the screw-in design means it can be a bit too prone to coming loose from the attachement), i've been tossing up between getting a replacement from sunglass hut (it's included in a $17.95 "care pack" thing), or going for a utili-key that i saw at thinkgeek at around about the same time of my loss. sure i could have bought it from them then and there, but at USD$10 for a key and almost double that again for shipping, i thought i'd look around. which is when i found them on ebay, and finally settled on the key + tool set for about USD$25 including shipping.

the key/tool set was meant as a little birthday treat for myself. the PDA is an unexpected bonus :p (and the air tickets were a prior commitment.) anyways, that's like a whole month's wages in my current job... don't i feel poor now!

plus i'm yet to get my lil' paws on any of these items... hmm...

*twiddle thumbs*

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