Saturday, August 28, 2004

the wait is over!

received my new toys in the post yesterday :D ie the dell axim and swisstech tools:

haven't really had time yet to play around with the axim, but i'm aiming to migrate from the loaner revo to the axim in the next week or so. the swisstech tools i've added to my keyring, making it noticeably bulkier and heavier!

- - - - -

am working on a dedicated photo blog, but it's taking longer than i expected. maybe if i had a bit more html know-how to tweak and customise the defaults 'hello' serves up - perhaps the whole photoblogging thing isn't quite as fantastic as i first though :p still, it's pretty good. and it's free. that's hard to beat!

- - - - -

i've played sports twice in one week! that's gotta be rare as far as the past few years have gone... badminton last sunday afternoon (just a bit of a casual backyard affair), and basketball today (a few slightly less casual games with people who usually play 'seriously'). i'm feeling tired and sore... and my head hurts a bit too (but that might partly be due to sleep deprivation from the last few days... or should i say months!)

am currently waiting for my turn to get a (hopefully) relaxing massage from my dad :)

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