Monday, August 16, 2004

children of the revolution

home from a full-on weekend of BLT, head still bulging with information and thoughts about the future and growth of chinese churches in brisbane. then spent half of last night "wrestling" with my revo in the hopes of making it better, but it had the opposite effect (see below). tried to get an early night's sleep but twice woke up following rather vivid bad dreams (not quite nightmares). which is a bit odd, given that i don't often dream (or if i do, i'm usually not aware of them!).

- - - - -

i suppose i should be thankful that it's lasted this long. after the last few tear-my-hair-out-in-frustration episodes, my revo did seem to settle down. almost a year on however, it has thrown another tantrum. this time, with a little help from it's owner, the tantrum has been accompanied by a towel... :/

so i'm eyeing off one of the latest model dell axims - the x30. the only other contender is an older model x5 going on ebay and currently sitting on about $200 less than the price of a new x30. think i'll sleep a few nights on this one. meanwhile, thanks to the power of (lamenting one's plight via) msn names, i should be getting a loaner revo tonight that will tide me over until i've transitioned to something more permanent.

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