Tuesday, August 24, 2004

pump, by coco-cola amatil

i have a bottle of "pump" (purified, ozonated water); its taste reminds me of coconut.

i'm in a bit of a ghost town at the moment - supervisor's away for a week, other people who have desks in this area are all away/out on site somewhere. it's so quiet...

we have a new general manager though... funnily enough he comes from the same place where i had my first job! not that i recognised his name...

i heard that my immediate manager is wondering if i'm happy, and whether i'm looking for other jobs. what should i say? hmm... la-di-dah... guess i should get on with doing some work.


  1. Just stumbled on your site today, cool blog... Where do you work? (if you wish to tell)...

  2. hey marc, i'm always curious as to how people stumble across blogs such as mine :) thanks for dropping in and leaving a note.

    i currently work at a company that deals with point-of-sale equipment. my 'title' is warehouse assistant, though that's not entirely descriptive, accurate, or complete. basically i do stuff like push paper and test products in between other general gophering... and squeeze in an occasional blog every now and then :p