Wednesday, August 11, 2004

two years on...

it was about two years ago that this blog started... for the past few days i've been wanting to do a birthday entry - that being one of the opening posts of this nebolocity. have been putting it off due to a lack of time and enthusiasm, but now that i'm sitting here on the tail end of a public holiday... :)

actually i went back and re-read some of the entries from august 2002, and it kinda struck me that some things don't seem to have changed that much. or maybe it's more that they've resurfaced? which in some sense accounts for the lack of a celebratory spirit last friday...

  • i wore black; black top, black pants. the funereal colour perhaps spoke of how i was feeling leading up to, and on the day. i did have a white t-shirt underneath - this had my name (in chinese) on it, so that was for me. ironically enough the character can and usually does mean something to do with "happy"...
  • on thursday afternoon, my manager and supervisor were having a chat, in the middle of which their voices went hushed. i heard something about bringing in food for morning tea the next day, and i wondered if they were talking about me/my birthday. as my supervisor left for the day, she mentioned to me that we'd be having cake the next day for [another colleague]'s birthday. then i recalled that yes i think do share the same birthday as another guy at work. ok... maybe mine will go quietly at work... and for the first hour or so it was like that. but then my manager found out from HR that it was my birthday as well, and not long after HR sends out an email announcing the birthdays for friday and the adjacent weekend, so that was the end of any secrecy. our section had some cake and pikelets, which went down quite well :)
  • the previous night, "bruce" was the first to wish me an early happy birthday over msn. she tried to arrange to take me out, but we couldn't find a concurrent free slot from our respective schedules, so chalk up another one for busy-ness.
  • actually, even earlier that night, algae asked what i was doing the next evening, and seemed mildly surprised when i said "nothing"... truth was i didn't really feel like organising for anything to happen, but wouldn't have been against something happening.
  • before spf left to return overseas, she left a gift for me. she actually tried to hide her, but i caught her out :p anyways i had strict instruction not to open it until my birthday... and at about midnight (friday morning) i rang her. she wanted to be the first to wish me happy birthday on my birthday, and then told me to go get the present and open it...
  • during the day on friday i received smses, emails, msn messages and a couple of e-cards from friends. some of the funnier/more memorable happenings were:
    • had been chatting to dckt, who was saying he wanted gmail. i told him he needs someone in the loop, and he said he was out of the loop. moments later i asked him what address he wanted his gmail invite sent to, and he was soon in the loop. later on he realises it's my birthday, and feels bad for not remembering... and that it was i who had given him a gift :p
    • also received a call from aunty M, who rang my mum at home to get my work/mobile number. totally unexpected and a pleasant surprise... funny how a friend's mum remembers before the friend...!
    • x2 with another friend and friend's mum, but this time the mum only found out because she sent me an invite to be on her birthdayalarm birthday book... on my actual birthday itself! oh the irony and timing...
    • i became the beneficiary of a fairly impromptu visit from some friends, who came over for an anime (i finally got around to watching patlabor! pity it wasn't as engaging as i thought it might be) and some desserts. i believe i have the shtes to thank for that kind gesture :)

so anyways this is just a bit of a catch up post. there's more in my head but thus far it shall remain beyond the realms of nebulocity. going to try to get some photoblogging happening now... will give me something to feel productive about!

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