Wednesday, January 11, 2006

boundless answers

boundless has started up its Q&A column, alternating between answering his & hers questions. the inaugural post sets out to help guys deal with the question of: how can a guy know if a woman is "interested"? i'm not sure if the reply really answers the question, for it seems to basically say
  1. pray about it -- the only real/direct mention of God in the reply
  2. tell her you are (interested in her)
  3. ask if she is (interested in you)
which to my mind is somewhat stating the obvious -- wanna know the answer? just ask! :p

now if only obvious also meant easy and uncomplicated and free of the 1000 and 1 potentially confusing factors that typically arise when a guy poses such a question ;)

1 comment:

  1. well, since it is an open Q&A answer... then it should be: be direct to her. Girl appreciates a gentleman. Not so on the gentle side (which needed more during the marriage) but more on guts and persistancy. I've met both type of men. A guy who thinks carefully (it dragged for 3 years with a big question mark), too careful I may say. Then along the way, I met the guy that consistantly showing what he wants in a relationship and being very persistant. Now he is my husband :) His persistancy shows me that he knows what he wants and he'll pursue it for whatever it costs. Of course everything need to be guided with prayers. But when you feel/know that the girl has the same intention on you, I'll suggest man to be up front and take the chance and let God do the rest. Anyway relationship is a 50-50 chance afterall:)

    Just a humble thot :)