Saturday, January 07, 2006

a couple of moves

today was a bit of a day of catching up with people. T&F are moving interstate in a few days' time, and they had a farewell afternoon tea at dome in town, a place that had a nice look, feel and ambience about it. i like their pocket menus too... nice touch, but funny how prices aren't printed on there. cafe prices are often too inflated in my opinion anyway :p

although i'm not one who tends to do the rounds and say hi to everyone at social events (usually just talk to those who are nearby) , it was good to see some old/familiar faces there... maybe because i feel like i've been away for a while too (which i have been, but only for two weekends!)

afterwards i went to visit the nenes at their new and not-quite-yet-moved-into house on my side of town. somehow when i see this pic it doesn't quite look real - more like one of those artist's impression drawings... anyways, it was good to see them too and to be able to lend a hand moving some stuff around. kinda made me wonder whether i'd ever want to set up a home for myself one day. oh well... that's probably a while away if ever. i came back home to find the new flooring dad had purchased to replace the carpet in the rumpus, and i'm already thinking what a hassle it's going to be to shift stuff around (esp. the entertainment unit and the piano!) to enable the replacement to happen... can we do just half a room?? hee...

later at night i saw noodlez and we watched the aardvark'd documentary i mentioned earlier (and subsequently decided to buy) - he's probably the only person i know who would (and was interested to) watch such a show :p

anyways, in keeping with the general topic matter of said earlier post, and a different meaning of the title of this one, check out these moves featured on the google video blog:
  • a guy, travelling around the world, who dances at each place he visits
  • a face off between an old lady and a guy driving a merc convertible - guess who wins!
that last one is too funny!


  1. Whose car is that out the front?

  2. that comes free with the house :p hehe nah it's the sister/brother-in-law's car...