Tuesday, January 10, 2006

letting my hair down

in a manner of speaking... after all, hair does tend to fall to the ground after encountering the fast moving blades of a set of wahl clippers! ;) the before and after shots:

the theory is that this should be ultra low maintenance. let's see if it holds up in practice!


  1. Should have gone for the Shaolin monk look I reckon! Same principle: it will grow back, easier to maintain, etc...

    Actually, it isn't technically true that short hair is easier to maintain. It actually looks more unkempt after about 4 weeks than would longer hair after 4 weeks. That's just from my experience and my 'judgement' of unkempt hair anyway... see what you think in 4 weeks time!

  2. hey... just in time for an update on the hair thing :)