Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the qyc mythbusters

went to QYC on the weekend, not sure if i'll be back cos i'm no longer really fitting the Y part of the name :p it's always good to hear good bible teaching though, and peter lin served us well with 5 talks from the sermon on the mount in matthew's gospel. still chewing through some of the stuff from the talks, but in the meantime i've been playing with videos and have uploaded two clips from the "mythbusters" segments during the camp. don't know if i can get the file sizes much smaller (am just using a free converter i found online) so this is one for the broadband-enabled:

clip 1 | 5:54 | ~19.3MB

clip 2 | 5:04 | ~12.4MB

one note about the food during camp, and i don't really want to complain cos i should be content that i have food to eat, but it was somewhat on the sparse side. i guess i'm used to self-catered camps where there was always enough for seconds. not so here... the first serving portions never looked sufficient, and often seconds weren't available. here's a pic of j.s. posing for the camera to show his dissatisfaction about the amount of meat on his plate :p he did manage to get some seconds, by which time i had already eaten 4 pieces of bread to go with my first serve so i was feeling sufficiently sated. we talked a bit about photography during the weekend, as he's starting to get into it (more so than my pleb point-and-shoot methods), and he's posted up some nice pics taken during the weekend... check them out here.


  1. Those clips are corker! Brilliant stuff! Thanks for recording and sharing :)

  2. hehe... i like my new camera :D (couldn't take decent vids on the old one) hope the enjoyment speeds up ur sporting injuries! :o