Monday, January 23, 2006

D.I.Y. haircut

it came time tonight for me to try cutting my own hair - when i said "low maintenance" in the previous haircut-related post, i meant more in the sense of "wake up and go", no need to bother with combing/gelling type of low maintenance. i knew that keeping it at this length in a semi-tidy state requires more frequent trimming than with longer hair, which is why i ruled out a total shave from the get go - maintaining a bald head is even more work than maintaining short short hair. i'd budgeted for ~fortnightly trims, which is about twice as often as my usual haircut rate, and that timeframe was about due...

can't be *too* difficult, right? i thought to myself. 45 minutes later i had worked up a bit of a sweat - it's hot work in that bathroom of mine and i can definitely see the sense in paying to have your hair cut in an air-conditioned salon! i hope i get more efficient at this with a bit more practice at tricky manoeuvres like weilding the clippers with my left hand, behind my head, trying to steer it in a straight line/achieve an even cut... and the tapering of my short(er) back and sides was a struggle and a half i tell you, but i think i managed something not too shabby by the end.

in related news, i seem to have rather suddenly developed a habit of feeling my hair - patting, stroking etc. i wonder if it's just that the novelty hasn't worn off yet :p next time i might try a blade 2 across the top, or even make it blade 1 across the board to see how that feels :)


  1. 1 blade? Quop is living the life of wreckless abandon! Well...not quite.

    And if you need any help with your next trim, you could always ask a friendly westsider to give it a crack... little experience, though I can't imagine more experience needed for a general 'shearing' action...

  2. well if i can do it... :p i don't know about engaging the services of any westsiders - might wait till you join the ranks of the southside ;) (only so that you wouldn't have to travel as far... hehe)

  3. Welcome to the world of DIY haircuts! I've been cutting my own har for the past 15 months or so... bought some cheap clippers from Harbourtown and nice sharp scissors from China through Ebay! Anyway, first attempt with cleaning up took about 1 hour. It's down to about 15 minutes for the haircut now and about 20 minutes to clean, though it's more of an opportunity to give the whole bathroom a decent clean at the same time. As they say, practice makes 'better' (ok, it's what I say anyway...)

  4. hey 15 minutes is a pretty good effort! i've decided to ditch the blade 2 (which i did try) and grow my hair out again... my comb's been missing me ;)