Wednesday, January 04, 2006

until the next flight...

i'm back... to work, my normal routine... forgive my lack of enthusiasm :p even before i came home from my latest trip i was already entertaining thoughts of my next getaway. is my normal life so worthy of escaping from?? haha. who knows whether such a flight will be sweet reverie or perhaps something to regret. hmmm...

perhaps i'm just too couped up, and bursting to do something crazy, or at least something out of the ordinary. i went out earlier for some dessert at barboo and decided to order the 'pork floss and mayonnaise crepe', which i had previously seen on the menu and thought ewww! about (and yet strangely drawn to! heh) and so, inspired by the flosss breadtalk product i tried in singapore a few days back, i wrapped my laughing gear around this here crepe shown below - can you see the floss in the second pic? :)

other atypical foodstuffs i tried during my recent overseas holiday:

lavender juice, ordered at a HK-style eatery in PJ. don't quite know how to describe the taste, except that it's rather distinctive. and this was a whole jar of the stuff... it was fairly sweet though, and actually not too bad to drink... :)

then there was a mug full of chiku juice i drank at a hawker stall in singapore. didn't take a picture of this... but i have two words: brown, and thick. the people i was with (local singaporeans all) were like 'what is this??' i guess not many people have tried chiku juice before, hehe. i had no idea what it would taste like cos although the name of the fruit sounded familiar, i couldn't really remember how it tasted. oh well... you only live once! ;)

finally this is a thai coconut. not nearly as exotic as the other entrants on this list, but i have a photo of it, and on that poor excuse for inclusion i'll leave more travel tales for another post.

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