Tuesday, January 31, 2006

new year greetings

i'm sure that somebody did wish me something along the lines of 身体健康 the other day, but here i am on the third day of chinese new year, home and sick. ah well... it's time off work :p

new year's eve was spent running a few errands, developing a headache in the afternoon that i tried to sleep off, and then dinner with some rellies where i felt somewhat caught in a generational no-man's land. went late to iggy's 21st, where the following clip [4:56 | 16.3MB] was recorded - some of his friends gave a special presentation of hip-hop and break dancing.

got home late, overslept in the morning and was nearly late for church, which has moved back to our previous location and morning service time. went out for lunch with some church folk, played a bit of mahjong, then some bball, and pretty much veged the rest of the night watching cricket. started developing a sore throat at work on monday, and things got worse after getting home. called in sick today, tried to sleep as much as possible but now it's too hot...

anyways, happy chinese new year - hope you're having a better time than me ;)

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